Shaping up at Revive

March 21, 2014 No Comments

We are excited to present our new fully refurbished fitness suite at Revive Leisure Club, Holiday Inn Telford-Ironbridge.

With a complete new look, state-of-the-art cardio and weight-training equipment, the gym at Revive Leisure Club is the place to get fit!

Brought to you by Matrix Fitness, the cardio vascular equipment combines technology and entertainment to create engaging workouts. The CV equipment feature intergrated touchscreen displays, iPod and Nike+ compatibility, plus interactive Virtual Active workouts that include video and ambient sounds from exotic destinations, plus incline and/or resistance changes for an immersive experience.

Designed to create a multi-sensory experience, the Virtual Active software immerses users into landscapes ranging from the Grand Canyon to Hawaii. Users view cinema quality video content, feel gradual terrain changes underfoot and hear ambient sounds through their headphones. The incline on our T7xe treadmill will adjust to match the terrain shown in the video, while the resistance levels on 7xe ellipticals and cycles will adjust to match the terrain shown in the video. On all cardio products, the video will be speed interactive, so when a user speeds up or slows down their workout pace, the video playback rate will adjust, creating a fully immersed experience.

In short – your workout will enable you to run / hike / bike through the streets of San Francisco and Yellowstone National Park as well as a host of other destinations!

Take the Virtual Active Tour here:

New cardio vascular range:

4 x Treadmills
3 x Upright Cycles
2 x Suspension Ellipticals
2 x Rowers
1 x Recumbent Cycle

Our weight-training range is not to be left out.

The biomechanical experts at matrix Fitness have developed the Aura Series to accurately match the body’s fluid, natural movements, with subtle lines and simple operation. As a result, the equipment is more comfortable, effective, and easier to operate.

Functional trainer
Converging Chest Press
Diverging Seated Row
Seated Leg Curl
Leg Extension