Wendy’s blog – Adding another string to my bow!

January 31, 2014 No Comments

Now this is new for me – my first ever blog, so be gentle with me!

As general manager of the Holiday Inn Telford-Ironbridge, I know how to lead a team, organise an event and keep our customers happy.

But when it comes to technology, I’m not the world’s best, so this is a very new venture.

I do have a new laptop though that’s just arrived which hopefully should help me to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of life here.

Like everyone else, I just can’t believe we’re already almost at the end of January – 2014 has taken off at lightning pace and brings with it a whole new host of challenges.

We’ve started off in a really positive way though, with an excellent review of our Olive Tree Restaurant in the Shropshire Star. They were particularly impressed with how family-friendly it is, which is great news for us.

We may be well into the New Year, but we’ve been hosting some post-Christmas parties for people who were too busy to celebrate over the festive season – and don’t shout too loudly, but we’re already working on our menus and event packages for Christmas 2014!

It’s not just Christmas we’re working on either – plans are well under way for our Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day celebrations, although I can’t bring myself to mention Easter to our marketing team yet: it might just tip them over the edge!

I’ve been out and about too since the turn of the year joining my colleague David, who is the general manager of The International Hotel, on a trip to Manchester to check out “smart” TV systems for the hotel bedrooms.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, we’re planning a team building and training day for our managers – the only difficulty is getting them all together at the same time!

Despite the diary dilemmas though, I’m determined to make sure we take time out from our day-to-day environment so we can all look at where the business is going and how we can deliver even better customer service.

So that’s it – your first insight into my role as general manager of a busy town centre hotel, watch this space for the next instalment.

And if you’re passing, call in and say hello, we’d love to see you face-to-face and show you just what we have to offer.