Wendy’s Blog – Ra-ra skirts at the ready – we’re raring to go!

July 15, 2014 No Comments

It’s all well and good being the manager of a busy hotel with all the challenges that role brings, and I love my job as it certainly keeps me on my toes!

But sometimes it’s good to step outside your comfort zone and remind yourself just how much effort other staff put into their work, and get a taste of something completely different.

Well that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this month.

Every year IHG Hotels around the world hold a Celebrate Service Week to say “thank you” to their staff and we’re no exception!

Our managers get the chance to help out in other departments, and for me, this meant becoming an honorary member of the housekeeping team.

I’ve been stripping beds and cleaning rooms, and helping out in the kitchen making and serving staff lunches – phew! It’s been a real eye-opener, and I think it was an invaluable experience – maybe your boss could try something similar?

There’s been a real sporty theme going on in the hotel in the last few weeks too – we ran a competition to design a football-themed T-shirt to celebrate the World Cup, and we had a visit from a Formula 1 test driver who officially opened our newly-refurbished Revive gym.

I’ve been out and about too attending an IHG owners meeting in Birmingham to discuss setting new standards, and it was really great to be involved in a process that could affect the entire IHG portfolio.

Back at the hotel, we have helped to celebrate a very special anniversary – we jointly hosted the 10th birthday celebrations for The International Hotel next door, welcoming specially invited guests.

But you know us, we do love a theme! And the party had a fantastic Alice in Wonderland theme with our chefs doing an amazing job of creating exciting food that was designed to test the senses.

I even put my own skills to the test creating knitted versions of cupcakes and cream buns!

And talking of exciting – T-Live is almost upon us! We’ve teamed up with Telford & Wrekin Council to put together some tempting accommodation packages, and we can’t wait for the 80s themed night in particular!

Now there’s a thought: maybe I should get my knitting needles out again and rustle up some leg warmers for the team!

You never know, they might make a comeback! Remember where you heard it first…